Are you frustrated by your sales team’s performance?

Why is there an "80/20 rule" in sales team performance?

Avoid costly hiring mistakes with specialized sales assessment tests


Hire inexperienced sales recruits and train them to sell the way YOU want them to sell


Improve the performance of your existing salespeople

Do a few top performers consistently deliver most of your company’s sales, while the rest — the majority of your salespeople — barely pay their own keep… or even LOSE you money?

One reason this happens so frequently is it's relatively easy to be fooled by job candidates during interviews. According to Lou Adler, author of Hire With Your Head :

"More errors are made during the first 30 minutes of an interview than at any other time. Emotions, biases, perceptions, stereotypes, and first impressions are powerful human forces that profoundly affect individual judgment."

Avoid costly hiring mistakes with specialized sales assessment tests.

Our comprehensive sales tests will help you look beyond the appearance and personality of your sales job candidates and identify whether they have the talents required to be successful in YOUR company's SPECIFIC sales job. These sales assessments will raise questions that would never otherwise come up during ordinary interviews (when you are talking to people who are doing their absolute best to tell you what you want to hear).

NOTE: Our sales tests are NOT communication style tests like Myers-Briggs or DISC. While communication style tests are useful for learning how to communicate more effectively with someone and may provide some insights into an individual's motivations, they do NOT provide enough information to enable you to ACCURATELY PREDICT whether or not an individual will succeed in sales. The same is true for assessments that focus on limited aspects of personality or behavior.

Hire inexperienced sales recruits and train them to sell the way YOU want them to sell.

Does your company prefer to hire promising, eager individuals (who aren't weighed down by hardened opinions and bad habits) and teach them how to execute a well-defined sales process? Because our sales tests identify whether job candidates have the talents required to succeed in your company's sales position, they are just as effective for this type of use as they are for use with experienced sales job candidates.

Contrast this with sales skills assessments that test to see whether job candidates can correctly answer questions about selling situations and techniques. Just because someone has (book) learned how to regurgitate certain answers doesn't mean they will be effective at executing critical selling skills!

Improve the performance of your existing salespeople.

Our sales assessments can also help you improve the performance of your existing sales team members. We'll start by helping you identify which of your struggling salespeople should be in sales. Then we'll help you identify each individual's unique training needs. If you supply targeted training and coaching to address these needs, you can see dramatic improvements in sales performance in a surprisingly short period of time.

Take the guesswork out of building a top-performing sales team!

Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you have been struggling with 80/20 performance on your sales team, isn't it time to try something different? Visit our Sales Assessment Tests page for more information about how our sales assessments can help you consistently hire salespeople that perform!