How Effectively Do Your Salespeople Sell Your Company's Entire Portfolio of Products and Services?

If your company has a large portfolio of products and/or services, you can help your salespeople “get dangerous quickly” with the entire portfolio by providing summary information for each product or service in a standardized format. Standardized formats enable salespeople to rapidly familiarize themselves with new products and services. Plus, Get Dangerous Quickly™ training tools make handy “cheat sheets” for salespeople to take with them on sales calls.

A Get Dangerous Quickly™ training tool typically includes the following sections:

  • Overview: What does the product or service do? (in plain English)

  • Differentiation (included in the Overview section): What are a few key differences between this product or service and competitive products or services?

  • Business Problems: What business problems does the product or service solve?

  • Qualifying Questions: What questions should a salesperson ask to determine whether a prospect or customer has the business problems that the product or service can solve, and if they do, to quantify the impact of these business problems?

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