"I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your company's sales assessment tests. As you know, I was skeptical at first. However, the initial pilot project and results from the dozens of candidates we have assessed during the past six months have clearly demonstrated how uncannily accurate the tests are. They have saved me a lot of time by helping me identify truly qualified sales job candidates. Plus, for the first time we have an accurate picture of what a top sales performer looks like.

I have gone against the tests on occasion and hired someone based upon a "gut feeling", but none of those hires have worked out. It is clear that my gut instinct (from 20 years of experience) is not as accurate as your tests! It's not a surprise your tests have now become the de facto standard for all of our sales offices.

Thank you for your help!"

Chris McFayden
General Manager
InfoTech USA
Fairfield, NJ

"Thank you for all of your assistance - you have definitely made this process as painless as possible. We would not be where we are right now without you. I would likely have become disgusted after the 10th resume and quit!"

Mechelle Pierce 
Apperson Digital Technology Services
Cerritos, CA

"At today's sales meeting, we delivered our new sales compensation program to our sales team. I am very pleased with our final product and we owe much of our satisfaction to you. Your guidance helped simplify our thoughts into a creative, breakthrough compensation program that will support our long-term goals.

As it is something new and requires change, it will take time to get some feedback on the overall benefits. However, I know without a doubt this is truly going to have a positive contribution to our business."

Ron Eshel
Luskin-Clark Service Company, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

"I have to admit I was hesitant when we first got together. The concept of assessments felt like reading tea leaves. However, you have really opened my eyes to the value they can provide.

Your assessments have certainly made an impact in our sales process from a hiring perspective. Since we started working with you, our monthly sales run rate has nearly doubled. I can't assign a specific percentage of that sales growth to our work together, but I know it has been an important factor.

During the internet bubble, everyone was winning. Anyone who was in sales back then has a resume that looks great. This makes it hard to flush out the people who can really do the services value sell. You have helped us find these people, and avoid others that we might have hired in the past who would have been mistakes.

Our company has worked with a lot of consultants in the past, and paid thousands of dollars in consulting fees. You are the only consultant who has really made a difference in our business.

I'm looking forward to expanding our use of assessments beyond sales, marketing and recruiting, and into the technical and management aspects of our business."

Gene Holmquist
Ensynch, Inc.
Tempe, AZ

"Your book is fantastic. I’m in the process of hiring an outside salesman to work an area that is approximately 125 miles away from our office. Your book has been a tremendous help to me. It couldn’t have come at a better time. All of what you explain in your book sure makes sense."

I’m sure I would have made some of the same mistakes I’ve made in the past if it were not for your book. Thanks so much!"

Teresa McGee
President and CEO
Newell Davis
Wilmington, NC

"Working with you has been a pleasure! We have always had difficulty hiring good salespeople. Since we started using your services, our sales force has been increased with some very solid people. It has also been interesting to see how the correlations match up with our own top sales professionals. We have since used your services to qualify our customer service representatives and the results have been gratifyingly similar.

Anyone who is not using your tools when hiring these types of employees is doing their company a disservice!"

Patrick Cotty
Vice President
Physician Services, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

"I have truly appreciated the time we have spent on the phone strategizing and discussing how to employ within my sales organization the methods discussed in your book. From a management standpoint you have really provided a value add to me personally starting at the candidate screening process through the online testing solution you offer to helping me think through more effective techniques to manage my sales team.

The knowledge we have gained is helping us focus back on the basics of selling from qualifying to closing. I’m looking forward to your continued involvement with my team and sharing with you the results of our two companies interacting in Q4.

I would recommend to any of your prospects that are experiencing the 80/20 phenomenon in their sales organization to at a minimum give the book a read and have an introductory dialogue with you."

Rob Cross
proServices Corporation
Trenton, NJ

"Great service, speedy assessments, great candidates, 2nd interviews here we come, Thanks!"

Dirk Bakhuyzen
PROCARE Landscape Management Inc.
Byron Center, MI

"Alan, I bought your books and CDs to train my sales team. They benefited from your insights and easy and practical approach. It was especially useful for those that have not been exposed to formal sales and marketing training. Thanks and keep up your good work!"

Colin Koh
Senior Manager - Business Development
Precicon D&C Pte Ltd

"We are a small technology services company of four people. When we hired our first salesperson, we realized how important it was to make the right hiring decision. We had our finalists take Alan’s sales tests, which helped us to understand more about each candidate’s sales aptitude, and helped to keep the hiring process objective. However the best part was the time Alan spent on the phone with me giving real, practical advice that gave me confidence in the interviewing and hiring process. He even shared knowledge on other sales topics. Talking with Alan has given me tremendous excitement about getting our business to the next level, since I know that I have an expert resource to help us with our sales answers."

Dan Lavely
XL Systems
Stow, OH

"The assessment process has allowed us to highlight the traits that drive success in our organization. By using these tests, we have also been able to source, hire and train people that possess a skill set that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our company. I would highly recommend the process to anyone interested in reducing turnover and poor hiring decisions."

Karen Gilhooly
VP Sales
Language Line Services
Monterey, CA

"MySalesTest.com is very collaborative with and responsive to their customers' requests/ needs. We are very pleased with our results!"

Mary Lou Emmert
HR Director
Language Line Services
Monterey, CA

"What was of great value to us was how your service helped us identify weaknesses (and strengths) in the job candidates that we most likely would not have uncovered on our own. It was apparent that you really helped us to not go with someone who may have been among the 55% and/or 25%!"

Richard Lanes
CTI Reprographics
Huntington Beach, CA

"At first I was skeptical that the assessments would give a true picture of a person's capabilities. But, the results have been right on concerning the talents, abilities, and predilections of the people we have assessed that I know well."

Roberta Trudeau
Executive Director
WealthCounsel, LLC
Portland, OR

"The assessments have been especially helpful with marginal candidates. In the past we used to give these people a try, and many of them wouldn't work out. But, using your assessments during our most recent round of hiring helped us significantly reduce the percentage of new hires that didn't work out."

Jason Reid
National Services Group
Irvine, CA

"Alan - Here are just a few comments we received about your presentation:

  • "Very Knowledgeable presenter"

  • "Great Input on sales recruiting & interviewing"

  • "Great takeaways, great ideas"

  • "Thought provoking"

Thank you for doing a wonderful job and being part of this special event!"

Liz Richards
Executive Vice President
Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
Vernon Hills, IL

"The training program we had with Mr. Alan helped us a lot to focus in the selling process and sales staff management. He gives you the tool kit to do it.

I was also impressed by Alan's ability to effectively handle questions and scenarios generated by our multinational staff who work in different lines of business.

His active class will never make it boring for attendees!"

Hadi Omer
Marketing Manager, Systems Solutions Division
Emirates Photo Marketing
United Arab Emirates

"We most certainly did enjoy your presentation - you impressed all. The feedback from everyone last night was great to hear. Your content and delivery hit home run after home run!

Thanks once again. You are indeed the 'guru'...as I have quoted in our Sales Training Manual!"

Kerryn Ruthven
Senior Vice President
IBISWorld, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

"The presentation given by Alan was awesome. Having worked in sales for almost 5 years before coming to IBISWorld, I’ve seen a lot of professional sales presentations and Alan blew them all out of the water. His presentation was very insightful, did not beat around the bush and it was all very relevant."

Michael Domanic
Client Relationship Manager
IBISWorld, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

"I have to say, you are truly terrific in this expertise of Sales. You really know your stuff and you have a very compelling, persuasive presentation of your information. Plus, you have a great voice. Terrific for podcasts, webinars, etc. Thank you for doing what you do and offering it to all of us out here!"

Richard Carlstrom
Carlstrom Productions
San Mateo, CA